Greenwood Plantation, one of the Barrow dynasty of homes in West Feliciana Parish, Louisiana, was originally built in 1830 by William Ruffin Barrow. In the 1830's, Greenwood, operating as a 3000 acre cotton plantation, provided the Barrow's with a comfortable living.

      In 1850, Barrow switched to sugarcane. This was advantagous to the Barrow's as Greenwood grew to 12,000 acres with 750 slaves.

      In the later part of the 1850's, the northern states and the abolitionist began talk of freeing the slaves. Barrow entered politics and became one of the instigator's of Louisiana's Seccession from the Union. Because of his involvement in the Succession, Barrow became a target for the Union troops. On March 22, 1862, William Ruffin Barrow died.

      After the Civil War, the conditions of the Reconstruction government, coupled with no labor, forced the Barrow family to sell the plantation. The new owners fared no better than the Barrow's. As a result, no one could keep the home for any length of time until Mr. and Mrs. Frank Percy bought the home in 1915.

      With the help of their large family, they worked Greenwood Plantation as a family farm. The mansion became their home. Once again, Greenwood prospered. Mr. and Mrs. Percy opened the home to the public from 1940 until 1960. On August 1, 1960, lightning struck the home and destroyed it.

      Eight years later, Walton Barnes purchased the plantation home and 300 acres. He and his son, Richard, set out to rebuild the home. They wanted to restore Greenwood to its former glory. After spending many years researching and locating photographs of the home, the home was mostly finished by November, 1984. At this time, a French-Canadian filmmaker contracted to use Greenwood for the movie "Louisiana". During the filming of this movie, the filmmaker completed the landscaping and decorating of the home. Greenwood Plantation has been the site for five movies: Drango, Louisiana, North and South - Book I, North and South - Book II, and Sister, Sister.

      Greenwood Plantation is now the home of Richard and his family. Today Greenwood Plantation is again open to the public. For more information on location, hours, and rates, click here.
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